Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange? Doctor Bane Strange?


Looks like a couple more names have entered the fray for the Role of Doctor Strange in Scott Derrickson’s film of the same name. Jared Leto’s name popped up this week as a possibility and he certainly could pull it off. I have doubts that they could convince him to take the part, honestly. After winning an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, I believe he will be very selective of parts going forward.

Benedict Cumberbatch certainly has the chops and could pull off the look effortlessly. He seems to be connected to EVERYTHING lately. He’s here in town currently shooting Scott Cooper’s Black Mass with Johnny Depp.

Tom Hardy is the other name which is terrible casting.  He is a fine actor, but looks-wise he couldn’t be any worse for the role.

I’m sure these names will be the first of many that come our way in the coming weeks. Leto and Cumberbatch are both solid choices though.

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