Add David Wain and Peyton Reed to the Ant-Man Search! And Michael Douglas Breaks the Silence!!!

Looks like there are two more names in the ring for Ant-Man. Wet Hot American Summer’s David Wain and Bring it on director Peyton Reed are now in the running to fill Edgar Wright’s shoes on the troubled production.

I love David Wain. Not for this though. Wet Hot American Summer is a modern comedy classic and he’s got the connection to Paul Rudd from that,  Role Models, The Ten, Wanderlust and the soon-to-be released They Came Together. He’s certainly a deft comic director but I’m curious how he would handle the Action of a comic book movie. He’s certainly the most promising name to drop into the search.

I only knew Reed for Bring it on, Down With Love and Yes Man but upon further review of his credentials he does have a bit of a comedy background having directed 12 episodes of The Upright Citizens Brigade, Mr Show and The Weird Al Show (didn’t know that ever existed). He also helmed The Break-Up which I really enjoyed.

He’s not a flashy choice and his name doesn’t put my ass in a seat but he’s not a horrible choice. Can we just go back to Edgar now, please? Let’s just do it right and end this nonsense.

Speak of Edgar Wright…Michael Douglas is the first person from the production to comment on Edgar Wrights departure publicly, saying “I was very disappointed. I’m a big fan of his movies [and] it’s a very disappointing situation.” in the interview with Schmoe’s Know he also stated that it “happened very late in the game [and] I don’t think anybody’s quite recovered. He went on to say “My heart goes out to Edgar. He’s been involved with the project for a long time. But he’s talented enough that you’ll be hearing a whole lot from him, and I’m sure with a little vengeance.”

Well done Michael Douglas. Words from the heart.



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