Nicholas Winding Refn to Walk With the Dead!


Nicholas Winding Refn has ended speculation and took to his twitter to let us all know which iron he was pulling out of the fire next.

It looks like I Walk With the Dead will be his next film.

Not a lot is known of the film other than the fact that its “an all female horror film” that it will include “lots of sex”. Back in the days of Drive Carey Mulligan was attached. It’s unclear whether or not she’s currently still in the mix.

This one is a bit of a departure from Refn’s last films. First, Ryan Gosling won’t be starring and second it will presumably not be as testosterone charged as his past films.

I’m interested to see where Refn goes with this one. Like his films or hate them he certainly is a guy who makes the films he wants and follows his own muse.

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