I DO Want To See That! Malin Akerman & Kellan Lutz returning to the ‘Comeback’!


Last month it was announced  that HBO would be bringing The Comeback, back for another season. I danced when I heard the news. Now, Admittedly, I only watched The Comeback when it originally aired because I was still going through Friends withdrawals – that being said, I wasn’t a huge fan – in my defense, I was 19, what did I know? Plus Valerie Cherish is the anti-Phoebe Buffay. It was UNCOMFORTABLE – just… I simultaneously hated and wanted to cry for Lisa Kudrow’s Valerie Cherish –  she was kind of awful, but also you were rooting for her. Anyway, some years later, a little older & wiser, I gave the Comeback another chance – and Holy hell did I fall in love.

So, I’m pretty fraking excited, and now with Deadline confirming that Malin Akerman & Kellan Lutz will be reprising their rolls on the short lived show, I’m just downright giddy.

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