David Lynch Interviews Leland Palmer?


So, as you’ve probably heard, Twin Peaks is FINALLY coming to Blu-ray! (in your face DVD Gods! I didn’t cave and buy the gold edition! ha!) If you’re a fan of Twin Peaks, you’re likely aware of the very tumultuous time it has had being brought to home video. From an awful (not to mention expensive) VHS version, a LaserdDisc that had a moisture issue, then a lengthy wait for the DVD’s (laden with glitches and a huge gap between the season one and season two releases), issues with rights & missing original footage – I could go on for hours, I mean – there is legitimately a website somewhere out there dedicated to the fight to get a good copy of the entire series to the fans. This Blu-ray version promises:

On stunning High Definition Blu-ray, Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery is a comprehensive collection with every episode from the complete television series; both the U.S. and international versions of the series’ Pilot; the North American Blu-ray debut of David Lynch’s follow-up feature Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me; and nearly 90 minutes of deleted and alternate scenes from the film. The set also features newly transferred Log Lady introductions for each episode; picture upgrades to many shots in the TV series; a new featurette with series creator Lynch and the actors who portrayed the Palmer family which includes a mesmerizing return to the lives of their characters today; and hours of material never before released on Blu-ray, which dives into the fascinating story behind the celebrated pop culture classic.

So that’s pretty fantastic – what’s also fantastic is every week until Twin Peaks is released on July 29th, they are releasing a piece of bonus footage! I refuse to watch any of it until I am holding that beautiful, beautiful Blu-ray set in my hands, but you can check it out below!

*above art by the amazing Tim Doyle.

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