Will Forte’s “Last Man on Earth” Will Consist of 10 Episodes

6-13-2014 11-50-52 AM

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have done quite well for themselves the past few years, turning questionable properties into  bonafide hit franchises. Besides the Jump Street and Lego franchises they did a little TV work, helming the pilot to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and are involved in Will Forte’s  Last Man on Earth.

During an interview for 22 Jump Street they revealed the Fox series will likely be ten episodes and that they directed the first few and were in the writer’s room for the first batch of scripts.

In Last Man on Earth Forte is literally the last man on the planet after a virus kills off the entire population. It sounds pretty high concept, I’m genuinely interested in how the series will work. Will it play like Tom Hanks on the desert island in cast away? Obviously, this is going to be some hard work for Forte since he will literally be carrying the entire show himself.

I’m very intrigued to see how it all plays out.

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