There are Some Episode VII Rumors Floating Around About Potential Villains and Major Plot Details


Obviously, everything Episode VII is being kept super secret. We know it’s supposed to pick up thirty years later, with the characters from the Original Trilogy. But beyond that we have no idea what the plot is, which of the new cast, if any, are the villain or villains. has posted some potential plot details. If true, HUGE plot details. It’s doubtful that these are accurate but since we have nothing it might be some fun speculation.


So stop reading if you don’t want to potentially spoil anything.








Okay, so the report says that in the future there are new bad guys, not Sith that are being referred to as “Jedi Hunters” who are cloaked in black and hunt the Jedi with lightsabers. These “Jedi Hunters” were supposed to protect the Sith. With the Sith destroyed at the end of Return of the Jedi, the Jedi Hunters rise up to impede the growth of the Jedi.

They go on to say that the Jedi Hunters succeed in bringing back the Sith at the end of Episode VIII which then is the focus of Episode IX.


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