Jared Leto to Star in ‘Brilliance’ After Will Smith’s Exit


Jared Leto is in early negotiations to star in ‘Brilliance’ after Will Smith departed to star in the Ridley Scott produced film about concussions in the NFL.

This would be the first film for Leto after winning for his amazing performance opposite Matthew McConaughey in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ He was also rumored to be in the mix for Marvel’s ‘Dr. Strange’.

‘Brilliance’ will be directed by Julius Onah (‘The Girl is in Trouble’) and written David Koepp based on the Marcus Sakey novel that’s set in a world where 1% of the children born are savants (aka “brilliants”) with special powers. A federal agent who has become a master hunter of terrorists must track down a savant terrorist who intends to start civil war. The novel is the first of a planned tilogy. The second installment was released today.

There seems to be more smoke to this one than ‘Dr. Strange’ but I’d be surprised if Leto chose this as his follow-up to ‘Dallas Buyers Club’.  The Oscar win gives him a little more cache that I thought Leto would use to make something that might not otherwise get made. We’ll see what happens, as this is still in early negotiations.

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