Kevin Costner is a ‘Criminal’ for Ariel Vromen


Kevin Costner is set to star in ‘Criminal’, Ariel Vromen’s follow-up to ‘The Iceman’. Variety reports that the plot “revolves around a ruthless killer who, rather than spend the rest of his life in jail, chooses to be used in a medical experiment in which the brain of a recently murdered field operative is implanted in his head.” I guess this could be interesting…

I’m glad to see Kevin Costner back in the spotlight. He was criminally underused for quite a while. I thought the casting of him as Pa Kent in “Man of Steel’ was spot-on but I thought David Goyer got the representation of the character was completely wrong. He was good in the not-very-good Luc Besson produced ‘Three Days to Kill’ (Thanks, McG)

I think Costner is getting really close to that one role that he’ll knock out of the park and put him back on the map. I’m just not sure ‘Criminal’ is it.

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