The Trailer to Michael Fassbender’s ‘Frank’ Has Hit!

Fassbender is one of the most talented actors to pop up in the last 5-10 years. You need proof? Look no further than Shame, his opening scene in X-Men: First Class, or how he chewed the scenery in Inglourious Basterds. And speak of bastards, how about the one he played in 12 years a slave? He was also the high point of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. This guy is the real deal.

He took a big chance with ‘Frank’. He’s in a fake head for the whole film. He is literally an actor without a face. Think about that. Acting is done primarily through the face.  There’s no pretty-boy face for him to use as a crutch, not that he ever has. This is the equivalent of a prize fighter fighting with his arms behind his back. Without any real way to emote he must relay it all through body language.

Judging from the trailer he has done a masterful job.

Obviously, none of this would be possible, if not for a great script by Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan. If the early word and trailer is to be trusted they have written a sharp, weird script that delivers. Lenny Abrahamson has a tough job to really make this thing work. It’s one thing to have a story like this work on the page, it’s another to bring such a weird concept to life. He seems to really have done just that.

The films also stars Domhnall Gleeson. I really like Domhnall Gleeson. Not because he was in Harry Potter or the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, but that is pretty great. He really blew me away with ‘About Time’. That movie came out of nowhere, I had zero expectations for it and it really made me feel. Not a lot of films reach into your core and make you feel. That one really did. It was a really special movie hiding in what was marketed as a romantic comedy. I think over the next ten years it’s going to find it’s niche and become something of a cult classic.





One thought on “The Trailer to Michael Fassbender’s ‘Frank’ Has Hit!

  1. Jay did you end up seeing this one yet?

    It is streaming on Netflix. I grew up in music, started in band in the 5th grade and played drums and percussion all throughout the day I graduated senior year. So this one kinda hit a chord. But even if you aren’t musically inclined or whatever this is a pretty amazing movie.

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