She & Him Leave Merge And Head To Columbia – New Album Expected In The Fall!


I haven’t stopped listening to Volume 3 since receiving the promo at work, seriously, ask anyone who worked with me in the past year or my fiance – I’m talking NON-STOP. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to hear a new She & Him album is headed our way &  so soon! I am curious why the indie duo left their indie label for one of the big guys and I’m also curious what this means for M.Ward’s solo career with Merge, (also, M. – can we please have another solo album? k. thanks!) but since I know next to nothing about the music industry, I won’t wager any guess on what has or will go down. I’m just going to bask in my happiness knowing that new She & Him music is coming my way (and maybe a tour?)! Between New Girl and her upcoming films, I don’t know how she has enough hours in the day – but I’m glad she does!

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