‘Conjuring’ Pre-Sequel ‘Annabelle’ Has a Release Date


‘The Conjuring’ was a surprise hit both critically and commercially. It was a genuinely well acted and scary film, the likes of which horror fans don’t see very often. It wasn’t a revolutionary film. Rather, it was just a damn good ghost story based on actual events.

What really made the film compelling was the Warren’s, Ed and Lorraine played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. The real-life Warren’s handled many cases over their more than fifty years of researching the paranormal. Needless to say I was not at all surprised that there were plans to make a sequel after the success of the first film. The Warren’s depicted in ‘The Conjuring’ were compelling characters with a great many cases they could pull from for another film. Hell, with those two actors I maintain they could could make an amazing TV series based off of all their various investigations. Each week could be a new case, some debunked, others frightening paranormal studies. It could like a straight up horror version of ‘The X-Files’.

Obviously, I was surprised to find that the next film would focus on Annabelle, the doll that, while not the focal point, was featured heavily in ‘The Conjuring’. After all the other real-life investigations they could have picked from it seemed strange to me that they decided to flesh out the Annabelle story further. I was non-plussed but I hadn’t checked out. I was still in for another case with the Warren’s.

THEN news broke today about the release date for ‘Annabelle’ and I noticed something odd. No Warren’s. So we now have a prequel to a film that focused on Ed and Lorraine Warren’s investigations with no Ed and Lorraine, regurgitating a story that was told in the previous film.

Everything about this makes me feel like it’s an absolutely ludicrous cash grab. I have checked out.

‘Annabelle’ comes out October 3rd. You’ll find me in the theater showing ‘Gone Girl’.

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