Supernerd Survived ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ And Lived To Tell The Tale!

purge_anarchy Final

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Who wouldn’t want a chance to cut loose, go absolutely nuts? No questions asked, no quarter given. Do what you want to who you want. Sounds like fun, right? The Purge gave us a glimpse of that world, if only through the occasional TV updates in Ethan Hawkes’ house. It was an interesting concept that left fans of the first asking “What happens outside, if you don’t have a security system that keeps you locked in and safe?” That was answered when James DeMonaco gave us The Purge: Anarchy.


In this sequel we follow a trio of stories that seem disparate, but much to the clichéd horror movie trope, we find that these people will all soon converge and depend on one another to survive the night. Whether it be from a roving gang of hoodlums who just seem to be looking to cause mayhem or from a big rig tricked out with a paramilitary assault team and some really scary guns. Who will live, who will die? Who cares- all we want to see is some violence.


And we do get violence. We see a myriad of horrific acts performed first hand by red blooded Americans exercising their right to Purge. And although I’m not one for excessive violence I felt that Anarchy could have used a little more. Understandably, they want to hold back and save some for the inevitable sequels, but I think a little more showing of what was going on could have made our main character’s fear of being caught out in the Purge a little more palpable.


But I digress. What I want to gush about is Frank Grillo. How freakin’ awesome is this guy? I mirror so many other reviewers’ questions when I ask how Marvel hasn’t tapped him to play The Punisher. This man was a one man army with a single focus. Sure he got caught in the same rut all Badass-With-A-Heart-Of-Gold protagonists do, but he still managed to be a legit badass, taking bad guys out with ease.


The other characters were hit or miss with me. The mom just looking out for her daughter no matter the cost. Her scrappy daughter who tries to change Grillo’s mind and tell him that retribution during the Purge is wrong. The couple who are about to split up but through adversity and life threating situations realize that they love each other. Yawn. They have some high points and are the necessary MacGuffin to keep us guessing until the end whether Frank Grillo will save everyone in time to go on his own personal Purge. You can’t have the movie without them but there are some points when you just want to yell at the characters on the screen because they fall into the usual movie tropes that are just so worn out and tiring (Person A doesn’t see an obvious trap, Girl screams at rodent jumping on her leg. Cliché but necessary to move the plot forward)


As much as it seems like I’ve been shitting on this movie, I actually really enjoyed it. There are some major plot twists that come out of left field and the action is really good. There’s some true suspense where you just don’t know whether someone makes it or not until they turn up on screen…and that last up until the end credits. And there was a nice little cameo that had me smiling like a goofy little kid. All in all, I’d recommend The Purge: Anarchy. A fun little movie that I can see spawning a series of sequels…just as long as they keep up the quality.

3 thoughts on “Supernerd Survived ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ And Lived To Tell The Tale!

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