Addison Montgomery & Dick Casablancas To Get ‘Bad’ Together!


By: Lizzy Ferro

Okay, what I’m about to say, you’re going to judge me, and it’s okay, go ahead: I LOVE GREY’S ANATOMY. I do. Completely & totally. I’ve see all ten seasons MULTIPLE times.  I could talk for days about my emotions and thoughts on Grey’s and one of my strongest feelings is my love for Addison, played by the glorious Kate Walsh. She is a straight up delight, always has been. And while I would have been over the moon if Ms.Rhimes had brought her back to Seattle Grace (well, now Grey Sloan Memorial), I am just as excited to see her get back to her comedic roots.

And yes, you did read correctly, I did mention Dick Casablancas, a character coming from another TV show (well two really, Party Down anyone?) near and dear to my heart: Veronica Mars (yes, I did donate to the Kickstarter, I take my VM love SERIOUSLY) – My love for Grey’s Anatomy is nothing compared to my love for Veronica Mars. I love everything about it. My CD player currently has both of the soundtracks in it and the Thousand Dollar Tan Line is on my coffee table, my love is not a joke. As any Veronica Mars fan knows one of them most entertaining parts is Dick – he’s a lovable douche bag, at some points, you even feel bad for him – but he’s always at Logan’s side with his dimwitted comedic timing. Ryan Hansen is wonderful. He was equally has funny & charming on Party Down (See, Rob Thomas loves him too) and I was more than pleased to see him pop up on some other shows I love, Happy Endings (RIP) & The League. 

And now, to the main point of all my blubbering Ryan Hansen has been cast (it’s actually a recasting, Mather Zickel has the role orriginally) as the male lead on Bad Judge staring, yes you guessed it, Kate Walsh! Watch the trailer below, and pretend it has Ryan Hansen in it (it doesn’t) – also, Horatio Sanz & Chris Parnell are in the trailer so, that’s a plus. ALSO! Did I mention it’s produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay & Chad Kultgen? Because that’s pretty great. Anne Heche is also involved, but I don’t know if that’s good or bad so, just focus on the rest!



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