Looks Like Marvel has Chosen Their Doctor Strange

Joaquin Phoenix


It’s being reported that Marvel has made an offer to multiple Academy Award nominee, Joaquin Phoenix to play Doctor Strange in Scott Derrickson’s upcoming film.

There seems to be some debate over whether or not Phoenix is truly going to bite and take the role. Most likely, the standard Marvel multi-picture contract is something that might give an actor like Phoenix pause. He strikes me as a guy who follows his gut when picking roles, not to mention being a bit temperamental and a little volatile. Not having the freedom to pursue other roles due to his Marvel obligation could be too big a chasm for him to bridge.

Just this week Jack Huston was rumored to be the new front-runner for the role. But now knowing how far negotiations are with Phoenix, I’d be willing to bet that Huston was just being floated out there to provide some additional pressure or leverage to get him over the hump. There’s no doubt that having an actor of Phoenix’s stature would be a coup for Marvel and it’s fans alike.

I have a feeling that this one works itself out in the very near future.


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