Troy Duffy Talks About Boondock Saints 3… Cool?


Art by Tim Doyle

I never quite got the Boondock Saints thing. I liked the first one but I was hardly one of the rabid following that took it from box office failure to cult favorite. I honestly think it’s rabid, meathead, green beer drinking frat-boy super-fans here in the Boston area are what soured me on it. I mean, those a-holes can’t be right. Right?

Director Troy Duffy seemed to rest on his laurels for a decade in between the original Boondock Saints and the release of Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day in 2009. It certainly didn’t make for a better film. I don’t remember anybody being particularly jazzed about the release of another one. The box office reflected as much, earning only ten million on an eight million dollar budget.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone is still clamoring for another go around with the McManus brothers but that hasn’t stopped director Troy Duffy from talking about a third film to round out his trilogy. Flickering Myth has the details of the next film from a Facebook Q&A:

The title of the third film is currently The Boondock Saints 3: Legion and the movie will show legions of people taking the law into their own hands and following in the footsteps of the now famous brothers from Ireland.

It certainly looks like Duffy could be a one trick pony, a “filmmaker” who appears to be afraid to venture outside his comfort zone.

It appears as though Reedus, perhaps the only reason a third film would receive funding, was not feeling it back in 2012 stating, “There will not be a part three. Creative differences, so to speak.”

Things could certainly change, but that’s not a great sign. Perhaps Duffy should try to make something different instead of rehashing the same thing all over again.


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