Don’t you Forget About… the B-52’s


by: Lizzy Ferro

So, it’s Monday, you didn’t get any sleep last night, your work day is somehow both super busy & slow as hell. In short, you’re having a super shitty day, and, if one more person tells you ‘you’ve got a case of the Mondays. You’re going to weep. Well, do you know how to fix this day? Turn it around? Make you forget that you want to punch something? Easy! You have a prescription that needs to be filled for…


The B-52’s!


Yeah, I said it, The B-52’s.


Everyone (yes, everyone) knows them, or at least knows Love Shack – but if you’re unfamiliar with the rest of their eclectic catalog of music, you’re missing out. The most important thing you need to know about them right off of the bat is found in the text below:


The B-52’s were formed in 1976 when vocalist Cindy Wilson, her older brother and guitarist Ricky, organist and vocalist Kate Pierson, original drummer and percussionist Keith Strickland and cowbell player, poet and vocalist Fred Schneider played an impromptu musical jam session after sharing a tropical Flaming Volcano drink at a local Athens Chinese restaurant.




All joking aside, do yourself a favor and try them out the next time you’re having a crap-fest of a day. I’m a big fan of anything int 79-89 era, but you’re not going to be disappointed no matter what. Honestly, go out and get yourself their best of album Time Capsule – it will be the best decision you make all year. I defy you to be in a bad mood while listening to Rock Lobster, 52 Girls or Mesopotamia.


Also, a fun bonus: at Christmas time when you’re ready to pop your own ear drums to escape the endless Christmas music (I’m looking at you retail folks) do what I did and pop on the Christmas album from Fred Schneider’s other band the Superions,Destination… Christmas! It is the BEST Christmas album you’ll ever encounter. Completely silly & supremely inappropriate, you’ll thank me later.


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