Leslie Mann Taking a ‘Vacation’ with Ed Helms

Leslie Mann


Leslie Mann has signed on to play Audrey Griswold in the newest National Lampoon’s Vacation opposite Ed Helms who is playing Rusty Griswold. The film will focus on the grown-up Griswold children of Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, who will also cameo in the new film.

The film will also star Christina Applegate as Helms’ wife and will feature appearances by Chris Hemsworth as Mann’s husband and anchorman Stone Crandall and Charlie Day.

I loved the original Vacation which was a perfect storm from John Hughes’ hilarious script to Harold Ramis’ direction to Chase and D’Angelo’s Clark and Ellen. I enjoyed European Vacation and Christmas Vacation is an all-timer in my household, it was a great trilogy (screw you, they never went to Vegas!).

The new Vacation is written and directed by John Frances Daly and Jonathan Goldstein.

Filming begins in Louisiana next week.

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