NYCC: First Impressions of Marvel’s Daredevil! And Joe Quesada’s Poster!


Our friend Ervan Norman has checked in From New York Comic-Con with some thoughts on Marvel’s Daredevil series that will be seen on Netflix in 2015.

His immediate impressions of what he saw:

  • First clip has Karen Page coming home and finding her place had been broken into. She’s attacked by an assassin and Daredevil shows to stop him. They have a brutal, 1-1 fight. Ends with them both falling out a window.
  • It was pretty impressive overall. Stylized look but it felt real. Hits felt like they hurt, at one point Rosario comments that his costume sucks, and the dialogue scenes were great, felt meaningful.
  • Karen Page’s hair was a little dark, but still blonde
  • They said in some ways this is an origin story for The Kingpin, too.
  • D’onofrio says Kingpin is a cross between a child and a monster. Looks like he  put on some weight for the role. Not too much, but enough.
  • Ben Urich is African-American (can’t remember the actor’s name but I’ve seen him before.)
  • Rosario Dawson is playing a character named Claire, a nurse who finds Daredevil stabbed and beaten in her garbage.
  • His costume resembles a sleeker version of the one from The Hulk TV show. Homemade but slick.
  • They describe Matt as being one bad day away from becoming Frank Castle. The morally gray area is a theme of the show.
  • Expect some Shield and Hydra references. “It’s all connected” Loeb said.
  • Very stylized look. Looks like they relied on a lot of natural lighting . The characters were backlit in the majority of the clips.
  • A lot of color casts too. Red, yellow, green and blue. Really crushed shadows.
  • Looks completely different from other Marvel movies. Filmed all around Hell’s Kitchen, from the streets to the roof.

Check back as we update with more info as it comes in! Also, check out the NYCC poster for Netflix’s Daredevil, drawn by Joe Quesada!


One thought on “NYCC: First Impressions of Marvel’s Daredevil! And Joe Quesada’s Poster!

  1. Good to hear from Ervan Norman from NYCC!!

    When the four Netflix series were announced the one I wanted to see done right above all others was Daredevil. From casting announcements to this report I can only say my hope for good things keeps growing. It sounds like Marvel is on the right track with this one.

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