DC’s Flash (Not the TV Show) Coming to the Big Screen!


by: Adam Glass

Well it’s official. After going back and forth Warner Bros and DC have decided to keep their TV and Film properties separate.

The Flash film will bow in 2018 and will star Ezra Miller. It was also officially announced by Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara that Aquaman will bow the same year staring Jason Momoa. Other releases on the docket are Wonder Woman in 2017 and Justice League 2 in 2019.

Maybe I missed something in the press release but it looks like Batman V Superman will be the first official Justice League movie since part 2 is releasing three years later.

On another note….this is why DC will never have the numbers Marvel has had. If Marvels unofficial tag line is “Everything’s Connected” then DC’s must be “Everything is Stand Alone?” DC has a VERY fragmented universe. Not sure why they are separating Flash TV from the film especially now that it’s a hit but hopefully they can pull it off and still keep everyone interested.

Here’s the DC Slate announced thus far:

Suicide Squad 2016
Justice League 1 2017
Shazam 2019
Cyborg 2020
Green Lantern 2020

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