Legendary Pictures Like the Figment of Rob McElhenney’s Imagination



by: S. Scott Stanikmas

A four minute reel and a twenty minute pitch was all it took to give the executives at Legendary Pictures the craving for a Mac Attack.

Rob McElhenney, creator of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (one of TV’s most buzzed about shows) walked into Legendary Pictures and wowed the execs with the aforementioned reel and pitch and was given a seven figure deal to write and direct his family action adventure movie Figment. Reported by Deadline to be in the same vein as films such as Goonies and E.T., Figment will center around an imaginative boy and his family and the adventures they have when their greatest fears begin coming to life.

McElhenney doesn’t have a lot of experience in the director’s chair, having only helmed a couple of episodes of It’s Always Sunny. He’s also dealing with something wholly thematically different as well. But “Mac” is a dedicated storyteller, even going so far as to gain fifty pounds for his TV show so that the other characters could make jokes about his weight gain. It will definitely be interesting to see if he can capture the spirit of the films he’s already being compared to.

Can Rob McElhenney show us he’s more than just a “dick-and-fart” joke guy? Or will Figment fade away like a wisp of smoke? I’m interested in seeing where this journey takes us.

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