Is There Room for Patrick Stewart in the ‘Green Room’?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Announced earlier this week, Fright Night remake costars Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots will once again share the screen, this time in writer/director Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room. Well the cast just got a little more interesting as Professor X himself Patrick Stewart has been signed on for the thriller according to The Wrap.

Green Room is the story of a punk rock band who witnesses a murder at the venue where they’re playing a gig, in the middle of nowhere. The band gets locked in the green room of the club while a group of racist skinheads try to get in and kill them.

Yelchin is already set to play the leader of the band and Poots is slated to play a skinhead whose friend is the murder victim that sets off the events of the film. It’s reported that she’ll join up with the band and try to help them. Stewart will play the leader of the Pacific Northwest-based white supremacist group.

After seeing Stewart play the leader who rallies the good guys in films like the X-Men series and TV shows like Star Trek for so many years I’m really interested in seeing him cut loose and play a villain for once. We know he’s got a bit of a dark side with all the voice work he does for Seth McFarlane. But now it’s time for him to really get down and dirty and downright evil. And it doesn’t get much more evil than the leader of a skinhead gang.

Anyone else get the feeling this is a beef between Next Generation and the JJ reboot crew?

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