Trick or Treat! JK Rowling Unleashes a new Potterverse Treat on Halloween

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

It was announced through JK Rowling’s website that fans can expect a new story for the universe of Harry Potter on Halloween. This tale will focus on former Hogwarts professor Dolores Umbridge.

Umbridge was at one point in time a very influential character in the world of Harry Potter. She was introduced as the Undersecretary to the Minister Of Magic and eventually gained a position as Hogwarts’ Defense Against The Dark Arts professor.

While details have been sparse the website has let us know that Rowling will produce a 1,700 word story that gives us more backstory on the character. Along with new details into Umbridge’s life before she was introduced in Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix we will get Rowling’s thoughts and reflections on the character.

I look at Dolores Umbridge as one of the best villains of the Harry Potter series, right behind Lord Voldemort. There’s just something about someone who is in a high position of power and abuses it that really hackles me.

I hope is ready for some high traffic this October 31st. I have a feeling that a good number of kids and adults alike may forgo looking through their goodie bags after trick or treating to indulge in a little Potter-verse goodness.

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