David Goyer Heading to ‘Krypton’?


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

I like the new show Gotham. I enjoy watching history unfold, even if it is an alternate history from the canon set by DC Comics. It’s fun to speculate as to how things will unfold knowing how they eventually turn out. And its reasons like that as to why I’m excited for the reports of an upcoming show based on Superman’s home planet Krypton.

In a rumor from Bleeding Cool, Warner Bros. has tapped Man Of Steel screenwriter David Goyer to write Krypton (unofficial title), a series showing Superman’s home planet before it blew up.

There would definitely be some limitations. Being developed for the small screen it wouldn’t have the same production values as a large budget major motion picture. And knowing that the planet eventually blows up it would have to have a finite endgame in sight before the project gets off the ground. That means not finding reasons to extend the series well past the point when it should be done (I’m looking at you Smallville).

Other than that, I’m in. Give me the world we saw during the opening of Man Of Steel and I’d be completely happy. Explore Kryptonian culture and what made them so blind to what was happening to their own planet. Show us how Jor-El was molded into the man who would someday send Earth its greatest hero.  As long as the last shot of the series is a rocket shooting away from the dying planet, it’s all good.

3 thoughts on “David Goyer Heading to ‘Krypton’?

  1. I really like Gotham but I’m already not feeling this one. Smallville actually did a pretty thorough job of covering what was going on on Krypton before Clark was born, after he was born and, of course, the aftermath of it blowing up.

    • I just hate how fractured these offshoot TV shows make DC look. It’s like they have no cohesive plan and just keep chucking stuff to the wall and see what sticks. I’d much rather have a tight universe and have everything interconnected. This is not that at all. It makes me not want to invest any time in it since it ultimately doesn’t matter.

      • The joined universe eventually worked out for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D but it almost completely screwed them until they were able to get the Winter Soldier stuff revealed so I understand and I dig that they want their shows to stand on their own, like having various comic titles that do their own thing. I’d just rather them show some restraint with what stories they are putting out there. Static, a character who has never had a live action representation, yes! Krypton, something that’s been covered both on television and in theaters not only recently but pretty thoroughly, no!

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