Henry Cavill Starts Production Company – Lines up Possible Franchise as First Project

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

The man behind the Man Of Steel is looking to fly up, up and away into an exciting venture. Not just content with acting, Henry Cavill has started his own production company, Promethean Pictures. Reported by Deadline, Cavill just recently formed the company with his brother Charlie and London based producer Rex Glensy.

And as if that weren’t enough, the new company has reached a deal to produce its first film which sounds like it may be the start of an eventual franchise. Promethean Pictures is set to make its initial foray with the action thriller Stratton.

Stratton is based on an eight novel series written by Duncan Falconer. The author’s name is a pseudonym, as he is a former military agent and used his extensive intelligence in that area to create the character of John Stratton. Stratton is an operative of the SBS who works for the Intelligence Detachment in Northern Ireland.

Cavill was quoted as saying that it was exciting to spread his wings and find ventures outside of acting. He also said that it was just as exciting to get to do so alongside his brother.

Filming will begin in the spring in Southern Italy, Rome and London. While not said outright in the original article, it seems as though Henry Cavill may star in the films as well.. This would be outstanding. As long as it doesn’t interfere with his Warner Bros commitments, Cavill may have enough work to take him through the next ten or so years!

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