Yo, Adrian! Rocky Spinoff ‘Creed’ Lands a One-Two Punch With Casting News

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Ryan Coogler, director of the hit film Fruitvale Station, will be helming the new boxing film Creed. The film is a spinoff from the Rocky series and will focus on the grandson of Rocky’s rival and friend Apollo Creed.

Playing Creed’s grandson will be Michael B. Jordan, star of such films as Chronicle and the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot from FOX. Jordan was also the star of Fruitvale Station so this will be reunion with director Coogler.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, champion boxer Andre Ward and British champion boxer Tony Bellew are also currently in negotiations to step in between the ropes. It’s being reported that Bellew will be the main opponent for Creed and will be called “Pretty Ricky Porter.”

And it wouldn’t be a Rocky film without Sly himself. Sylvester Stallone will once again play Rocky Balboa and will mentor the young Creed in his rise to pugilistic glory.

The Rocky movies are iconic but after the sixth installment, Rocky Balboa, it was clear that Stallone had just about run out of gas as the Italian Stallion. This is the perfect way to keep the series alive without having to reboot and start from scratch.

As long as we have a training montage set to “Eye of the Tiger,” I’ll be happy.

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