So the new Doctor Doom isn’t a Doctor and he’s not Named Doom?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Josh Trank’s new Fantastic Four reboot is fighting an uphill battle. First Marvel cancels the F4 comic for no real discernable reason other than to spite FOX and kill any possible crossover advertising and now Toby Kebbell spilled the beans on the upcoming revamped origin of the Fantastic Four’s greatest villain. And in this fan’s eyes, it’s not looking too promising.

Kebbell got down to brass tacks with Collider and gave them the inside track to Doom’s backstory. Apparently he won’t be named Doom (or Van Damme for all you Ultimate Universe fans). And he’s not a genius with a doctorate.

The character will be named Victor Domashev who is described as an “anti-social programmer” who posts under the net handle DOOM.

I can buy into a lot when it comes to comic book movies re-tweaking things. I can buy Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk. I can handle organic web-shooters for Peter Parker.I can even stomach Galactus being a giant storm cloud that hides the REAL Eater of Worlds. What I’m having trouble with is this complete retooling of the Doctor Doom character. I think it’s the wrong way to go.

I’ll reserve final judgment for when the film gets released, but for now I’ve got extremely low expectations.

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