Universal Studios set to Unleash Monsters Upon the World!

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

When it comes to giant inter-connected movie universes, Universal Studios kind of wrote the blueprint. Whether it was standalone films, crossovers or Monster vs Monster, Universal was the innovator. And the former king is looking to reclaim the crown.

With the help of Alex Kurtzman (who helped re-launch the Star Trek franchise) and Chris Morgan (the man who resuscitated the Fast and Furious movies), Universal Studios is looking to launch a series of “connected universe” movies based on their roster of classic monsters.

You’ll recall that Universal’s Dracula origin film, Dracula Untold underwent last minute reshoots to connect it with the monsters shared universe. The movie came out and disappeared fairly quickly.

Universal will re-start their monster movie franchises with The Mummy, which is set to shamble into theaters on June 24, 2016. They have so much faith in this upcoming project that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, they announced the second movie to be released just ten months later on April 21, 2017.

Speculation ran rampant. Who would the next movie focus on? Frankenstein? Dracula? The Invisible Man?

According to Deadline, the follow up film will be The Wolf Man. It is also being reported that Prisoners writer Aaron Guzikowski will be scripting this movie.

This opens up a huge world of opportunity for Universal Studios. They now have the opportunity to show the world that they were the originators of the shared universe concept. I only hope that they don’t rely too heavily on CGI. I think the old school way is definitely the way to go here.

I love the classic monsters. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for any more important announcements regarding any upcoming projects.

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