Is Martin Campbell Ready to say “Go Joe”?

by: Marcus Rivera

Early word out of Hollywood is that Martin Campbell (GoldenEye, Casino Royale, Green Lantern) is Paramount’s “top choice” to direct G.I. Joe 3.

Currently no negotiations have taken place but Paramount & Lorenzo di Bonaventura want him to direct the 3rd film in the franchise, basically making it his gig should he want it. Jonathan Lemkin (Shooter, Lethal Weapon 4) is working on the script, which will center around Roadblock, played by Dwayne Johnson. Adrianne Palicki is also expected to return as Lady Jane.

GI Joe 3 is slated to hit theaters in 2016.

One thought on “Is Martin Campbell Ready to say “Go Joe”?

  1. I think that director would be great choice to direct G.I. Joe 3 or not. Any Actors that should be in G.I. Joe 3 movie to play Joe and Cobra Characters. It would be cool to see any casts should join the movie besides from the Rise of Cobra and Retaliation. Hayden Christensen should play Dusty, he would be a perfect role to play Dusty. Sebastian Stan should play Blowtorch, Cross Country, Airtight or different character, which one of these characters should he play? Tobey Maguire should play Beachhead or different character, would he be good choice as Beachhead? Lee Pace should play Wild Wiesel, Serpenter, Lift Ticket, Short Fuze or different character, who will or should he be? Luke Evans should play Mutt and his dog Junkyard or different character, would he be greater to play Mutt as well?

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