Do We Now Know When We’ll see the First Trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’?

by: Jay Carlson

I’ve stayed away from the rampant speculation regarding the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens because I feel like it’s kind of a non-story. Mainly because nobody that has written about it has actually seen it. Sure, there have been some descriptions which seem to vary depending on the source. But they all sound like a description that anyone who has ever seen a teaser trailer could come up with. Does that mean I’m saying they’re not accurate? Lord no. I have no doubt that someone in the know has spoken to a blogger about what the teaser looks like.

Beyond the description there has been the endless speculation about when it will be unleashed and which film it will be attached to.

The Force Awakens Trailer Tweet


Now we have our first real clue. The tweet above comes from a twitter user named Reece Steel. Steel reported that the First Assistant Director Thomas Gormley, someone who is close with J.J, Abrams, told him that the trailer would be attached to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. As soon as his tweet was picked up he deleted his entire Twitter account. Was this a Sith hit? Scrubbing not just that tweet but his entire twitter account? Could be…

It would make a lot of sense to attach the teaser to The Hobbit. The Hobbit opens almost exactly a year before The Force Awakens and not only is it the biggest budget action/adventure film being released in December, it would put the trailer in front of exactly the type of fan that would create the loudest buzz for the film. And Disney would absolutely want to build that buzz and and let people know that they are planting their flag on December for the years to come.

I have not gotten into the Hobbit films the way I was into The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I would certainly plunk down the scratch to see the first Episode VII footage on a big screen, with big sound.

What do you think? If there is a trailer for The Force Awakens attached to The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies on December 17th, will your butt be in a seat next to me?


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