Michael Dougherty’s ‘Krampus’ Casts Alison Tollman and Emjay Anthony



by: Jay Carlson

I loved Michael Doherty’s Trick r Treat, a criminally underrated Halloween film that never got a fair shake theatrically. Hopefully, that won’t be the case with his next film Krampus. With Krampus he’s trading holidays, instead of Halloween Krampus will focus on the Christmas beast who punishes the children who have misbehaved.

Joining Michael Doherty on his next twisted holiday tale is Fargo breakout Allison Tolman and Emjay Anthony from John Favreau’s Chef.  I loved Tolman in Fargo, she not only managed to hold her own with the likes of Bob Odenkirk and Billy Bob Thornton, she might have eclipsed them. I was also very surprised and impressed at how natural Emjay Anthony was in Chef. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting the two will play mother and son.

I’m always happy to see a new enrty in the pool of Christmas-centric Horror films (There really are too few). It’d be great to see Doherty pull off a Christmas entry in vein of Trick r Treat. 

If Krampus is a success will we see Doherty stake his claim and produce a horror film for every other holiday? Valentines? Do it. Easter? Get some. Labor day? Ok, perhaps not every Holiday, but he can certainly make a representative showing.

What do you think? Did you enjoy Trick r Treat? If so, are you looking forward to Krampus?

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