Cameron Crowe’s Showtime Show ‘Roadies’ Adds Two big Names to the Crew

by: S. Scott Stanikmas 

Get ready to take a look behind the scenes of what it takes to run a successful rock and roll tour. The new Showtime pilot Roadies will be taking a look at the men and women who make the concerts we go to possible. And the cast has just grown by two.

The Wrap has sources that are reporting to them that Luke Wilson and Imogen Poots are close to signing deals that will see them hit the road on the upcoming series. It hasn’t been confirmed as to exactly which roles these two will be playing yet.

The show will be produced by JJ Abrams and Cameron Crowe. That alone has people talking. If there’s one person I would think of to make a show about the comings and goings of a rock tour it would be Crowe. I enjoyed Almost Famous immensely and thought we couldn’t get a more perfect peek behind the curtain of the rock and roll world.

Abrams and Crowe are true fans of the road crew, so this is kind of like a thank you note/love letter to these people. “Those quietly devoted people live huge lives, they’re often the real keepers of the flame,” Crowe was quoted as saying.

You couldn’t ask for a better actor than Luke Wilson. With a career that boasts such hits as Old School, The Royal Tennebaums and the recent indie darling The Skeleton Twins, Wilson is a true journeyman of the acting craft.The man can do anything and I think if he isn’t one of the main stars of this show that would be a true crime.

Poots is showing some versatlity lately taking on roles in many diferent genres from horror (the recent Fright Night remake) to action (Need For Speed) to thrillers (the upcoming Green Room). Working under Crowe and Abrams can only help her blossoming career.

The pilot would likely be an hour with subsequent episodes clocking in at the half hour range.

Like I said earlier, with Crowe and Abrams steering the ship, I’m genuinely excited by this project. Just tell me when to set my DVR.




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