Mark Hamill to Reprise Trickster Role in CW’s ‘The Flash’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Mark Hamill is a super celebrity amongst the nerd and geek set. The man is known for playing one of the most recognizable characters in sci-fi history, Luke Skywalker, in the Star Wars films. He voiced The Joker in the excellent Batman:The Animated Series. And he was the Trickster on the mid 90’s tv show The Flash.

As if he wasn’t bust enough reprising his role as Skywalker for the upcoming Star Wars trilogy, it looks like the actor will be making a return to Central City as well. According to Hitfix, Hamill will return to the DC Universe and play the Trickster on an upcomig episode of CW’s newest hit show The Flash.

it’s being reported that he won’t be the one running around causing the trouble though. Apparently this version of the Trickster will already be locked up in Iron Heights, the prison that Central City uses to house it’s criminals, serving a life sentence for being a terrorist and and anarchist.

The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Detective West (Jesse L. Martin) will come to him for help when a copy cat decides to follow in the original Trickster’s deadly footsteps.

It’s fun to note that John Wesley Shipp, the actor who originally portrayed The Fastest Man Alive on the previous version of the TV show, is also on the new show as The Flash’s dad. And he’s also locked up in Iron Heights. We can only assume that some kind of interaction between the two former co-stars will happen.

The Trickster is slated to make his debut in the seventeeth episode of the freshman superhero action-drama.

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