Free Comic Book Day Gold Sponsor Comics Announced

Free COMIC Day

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

I love the first Saturday of May. Every year I head to my local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day, grab some free comics, buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need (because I’m there and I support my local comic book retailer) and usually go home pretty happy. I get to meet new people who are just as excited by comics as I am. From older fans who have been collecting for years to younger fans just getting into the hobby, FCBD has something for everyone.

The Gold Level Sponsors are usually the larger companies such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image along with some other bigger publishers. These are the books the stores get a TON of so if you don’t get there first thing, don’t worry. These books are usually going to be around all day (and maybe even into next week. I remember gettng some stuffed into my bag a few weeks later as the store was just trying to unload them).

This years Gold Level Sponsor books are:

ARCHIE COMICS – Dark Circle Preview. Looks like the folks at Archie are shooting for a revival of some old school superheroics. New imprint Dark Cirlce Comics will give us the exploits of The Shield, The Black Hood and The Fox!
BONGO COMICS – Bongo Comics Free-For-All. Another year, another Bongo book filled with mini SImpsons stories. Not bad but nothing to write home about. Bongo has been killing it lately with their series of one-shots based on fringe Simpsons characters though. I loved the recent Kang and Kodos comic.
BOOM! STUDIOS – 10th Anniversary Edition. Boom gives us a look at some of their all-ages titles, including Garfield, Peanuts, Adventure Time and more.
DARK HORSE COMICS – Fight Club/Goon/The Strain. Here’s the first one i’m checking off as ‘must have.’ Eric Powell with a new Goon story? Yes! Guillermo del Toro with a new chapter of The Strain? Hell Yeah!! Chuck Palahniuk and Cameron Stewart debut the Fight Club comic? #$%^ YEAH!!!! Sign me up!
DC COMICS – Secret Book. DC is keeping a lid on their FCBD offering for now. Past DC Comics have ranged from ‘meh’ to ‘pretty damn good.’ Mileage may vary with this one. My guess is it may have something to do with the 30th anniversary of Crisis on Infinite Earths that keeps getting hinted at.
DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT – Bob’s Burgers. A special “Best Of” in-canon stories from previous issues. Kind of weak but Bob’s Burgers is a funny enough show that this may warrant a pick up.
IDW PUBLISHING – Transformers: Robots In Disguise #0. A tie-in comic based off of the new animated series.
IMAGE COMICS – Savage Dragon: Legacy #1. Erik Larsen takes his cult creation’s son and thrusts him into the spotlight. It’s time to see if Malcolm Dragon, son of Savage Dragon and newly graduted high school student/rookie police officer, can live upto the legacy his father has put out there.
MARVEL COMICS – Secret Wars #1. Another year, another “Earth-shattering” event miniseries. It’s free so I’ll give it a shot, but Marvel is on some thin ice with me lately.
TITAN COMICS – Doctor Who Special. Stories about the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, all written by current series writers. DW fans will be sure to snatch these up quick.
UNITED PLANKTON PICTURES – Spongebob Freestyle Funnies. Mini-stories from the Spongebob Squarepants universe. Good for the kids but it doesn’t really do much for me.
VIZ MEDIA/PERFECT SQUARE – Perfect Square Presents: Pokemon. This stuff is still around? Wow.

And thereyou have it folks. Some good, some bad and some just…there. But hey, I can’t knock a free comic book.

See you May 2nd, 2015!!!

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