INDIE REVOLVER EXCLUSIVE: A New Take on a Classic Ship and Possible Implications in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

by: Jay Carlson

I believe this TIE image may be one of the most interesting pieces of concept art we’ve seen so far. While it’s exciting to see the updated designs of these ships, the illustration is a great reminder of just how much we still don’t know about the Star Wars universe thirty years after the events of Return of the Jedi.


These new TIEs resemble the classic TIE Fighter, with their vertical wings and central cockpit. The foreground ship has some departures though. It’s got extra engines between the cockpit (which has an extra row of windows) and the wings (which have elongated top panels). It appears to be a much roomier vessel with a large gangplank that descends from the rear of the ship to the ground; presumably the Imperial Guards at attention in front of the ship travel inside along with its pilot.

So just who is the pilot? In the original trilogy, we only saw the red robes of the Imperial Guard when the Emperor was on site. It certainly appears the the Empire is alive and well in Episode VII – does an Empire need an Emperor? If so, who might have inherited Palpatine’s throne? In absence of a new Emperor, have the regional governors simply maintained direct control of their territories for three decades?

Another piece of Episode VII pre-production art shows a TIE design nearly identical to the one in the background of this image save for the fact that it is black, and the ship featured red markings on its hull like the ones on the larger TIE seen here. That production art was labeled “TIE Fighter – Special Forces.” This new larger fighter could belong to the commander of those “Special Forces” – perhaps Gwendolyn Christie’s Chrometrooper is important enough to the Empire to travel with two of the Imperial Guard?

Much like the updates to the Stormtrooper armor, I appreciate that this ship feels new while still maintaining the aesthetic of the Original Trilogy. What are your thoughts concerning the new TIE Fighters? Discuss in the comments below!

31 thoughts on “INDIE REVOLVER EXCLUSIVE: A New Take on a Classic Ship and Possible Implications in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Imperial GUARDS!!!! We might finally get to see them kill something this time around. Thanks … this made my day!

  2. I think it worries the heck out of me that the empire is still around. And it sounds like the sith too. Can’t they come up with anything new?

      • I couldn’t even start to assume what JJ and the crew have in store but I never for one minute thought the Empire would be out of the picture all because of the events of ROTJ.
        Sure the rebels destroyed the Death Star, but we are talking about a Galactic Empire.
        To put it into a more Earthly context, all they essentially did was the equivalent of shooting down Air Force One with the President onboard. The Empire would not crumble because of this event, plus Palpatine was a politician so he would of had a backup plan always lurking.

        Also what you saw attack the Death Star was the last stand attempt by the Rebels and that force was not so big.

        As for the TIE I don’t know what I am more excited for, seeing it in action or the inevitable Lego set 🙂

  3. I got it. The wings rotate forward so the higher part goes back to the back. Fast aerodynamic design. Yep, I said it first! Haha

  4. IMO the stormtroopers dont look like the new ones from SWTFA. I guess it’s a scene from REBELS. And if it’s true, then that ship design never made it to the original trilogy. That’s sad, it’s a pretty badass design. Imperial guards for who? The Emperor? He is the only one guarded with these guys throughout the entire saga. No commander, nor special forces no other that the Emperor himself has that royal Guard.

    • It’s definitely not concept art from Rebels, it’s from TFA.

      All bets are off when it comes to the Sequel Trilogy. We have no way to know what the power structure is for the Empire after the death of the Emperor thirty years later.

      • It’s possible that it could be from Episode VIII… I mean, why would there still be new concept art coming out? Or is this an old picture taken that just ended up @ your inbox? either way… pretty cool!

      • Aras, it’s definitely art from Episode VII. I’m just releasing it now after getting clearance from my source. Hopefully my source will provide even more to show you as time goes on.

  5. “illustration is a great reminder of just how much we still don’t know about the Star Wars universe thirty years after the events of Return of the Jedi.”

    What garbage. During college, i spent most of my time not dedicated to drinking reading Star Wars novels. There are literally dozens and dozens of novels that fill in what has happened.

    Get a job sir!

  6. I’m surprised that J.J. Abrams has kept the Empire angle(even if they’re only existing as just part of a separate government,after being mightily defeated by the Rebel Alliance [who stripped away their dominant power] at the end of RETURN OF THE JEDI),making this play out more like EPISODE 6 1/2,otherwise I’m hoping that the Empire angle is only something minor and that the new villain is someone not Empire connected(even though that villain is likely to be connected to the Sith),as well as hoping that this film will make it 32 years worth the wait.

      • Lucas is absolutely NOT calling the shots in any way, shape or form. He supplied Disney with his Sequel Trilogy outline ideas as part of the sale. The script was written by Michael Arndt then rewritten by Kasdan and Abrams. But beyond his Sequel Trilogy outline that may or may not have been used, he has had zero input.

        By his own admission he hasn’t even seen the trailer.

        That’s as far from calling the shots as I can imagine.


        Anyone that says Lucas has zero input has not done their homework. He is absolutely involved with this movie as a “ceative consultant”. Take from that what you will, but that was Kathleen Kennedy’s description from Business Insider 2 months ago.

        Lucas supplied the movie treatment.. yes “outline” of the trilogy. He didn’t write the script on Empire or Jedi either, but the overall story is his creation.
        I’m not saying I’m his number one fan, but this needs to be clarified if this blog wants to retain any credibility.

      • He is a figurehead, he has a title. Nobody is running things by George to make sure he’s OK with the choices being made. He is collecting a check as creative consultant, in all likelihood. His name is attached because of who he is, not because of the work he’s doing.

        He may not have been listed as a writer on the second and third films of the Original Trilogy but he was overseeing the production. Anyone who thinks he is working on these new films in anywhere near the same capacity is just daffy.

        I think the credibility of this blog is doing just fine. I’ll let the track record of the information I’ve provided to this point speak to that. The first look of the new stormtroopers? That was here. That proved correct with the trailer. I also provided looks at the The cyborg with Vader’s helmet and the Chrometrooper. This was confirmed when all of the concept art leaked. I also confirmed that the character with the the broadsword looking lightsaber was legit and had filmed scenes in the film prior to us seeing him in the trailer. Then I gave everyone a look at what he actually looks like.

        I could go on. Obviously, I’ve done my homework. Creative consultant is a kind title for someone who has no input on this property. His outline was used for Arndt’s draft. Then, it was rewritten. There might be some nuggets of things George had in his outline, but you’re crazy if you think that anything they wanted to ditch or veer away from wasn’t because of George. He’s not calling any shots JJ and Disney are making the film they want to make and are not asking permission.

      • Jay, if someone, you, wants to come out and say Lucas is practically being kept in the dark on a leash regarding this project, regardless of your exclusive spoiler leaks, of which you can be proud, you’d be best serving your readers with some type of source. Just some feedback as a reader myself. Otherwise you’re just coming off as yet another slighted fan who had his childhood ruined by the prequels and has an axe to grind.
        So far we have your blog against Kathleen Kennedy and Lucas himself. Although I don’t doubt your assertion, speculation should never be portrayed as fact. Would you agree?

      • I have no axe to grind, I enjoy Star Wars and don’t resent Lucas or feel slighted in any way. Do I care for the Prequel Trilogy? No, but I don’t judge anyone who does.

        This all spiraled from one comment earlier in this thread:

        “Abrams has nothing to do with what is kept or not kept. Lucas is still calling the shots, these are his stories.”

        My point, that I still maintain, has been that Disney, with along with JJ Abrams is calling the shots on Episode VII. Lucas is not calling the shots. Even with the loosest interpretation of what duties a “creative consultant” might handle, they do not include “calling the shots” on what is kept and what is not kept in The Force Awakens. Nowhere in your article below does anyone allude that he has any official duties pertaining to the new films other than him providing his ideas via an outline, filling in holes in said outline and being a “keeper of the flame” if they have questions about whether a character can do something or if something makes “sense within the rules of ‘Star Wars’”

        All of this sounds FAR from calling any shots on the new film.

        Would you agree?

      • Absolutely I would agree, but please don’t confuse my standpoint with any statement made with the words “calling the shots” in it.

        Respectfully, I was a little curious as to how this got polarized into either “zero input” or “calling the shots” when somewhere in between seems more likely. Especially since Lucas spent a year before the sale working on the story treatment and presided over script writing sessions with Arndt after the sale. What played out from that seems unknown, apart from the fact Arndt stepped down and Kasdan and Abrams took over. Old news I know, but worth remembering.

        I realise you have some credible sources and they are obviously well guarded, so I aplogise if you took my comment about potential loss of credibility in a negative context. I was merely pushing for a source to back your claim, though in hindsight that seems impossible given the nature of the subject matter. Having said that, you didn’t hint at actually having a source for your claim, so I just assumed speculation. My bad.

  7. I have a hard tome understanding why people seem upset the empire is still around? I’m SO happy they´re still around. Lack of the empire and horrible villains are two of the things that made the prequel trilogy so lame (in my opinion).

    More empire!! Yay!

  8. Look at the storm trooper on the right. He is obviously not one of the storm troopers from episode 7. He is the original storm trooper. So that picture means nothing. I like the ship though.

    • The art was from early on in the process. Some pieces have Darth vader as a stand in for the the new bad guy because his design hadn’t been decided yet.

      So your comment means nothing. I like your name though.

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