A New Image and Release Date for Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix!

by: Jay Carlson

Mark your calendars, The 13 episode season of Marvel’s Daredevil is coming to Netflix on April 10th

The series stars Charlie Cox as Matthew Murdock, lawyer by day, and his crime fighter Daredevil by night. Joining Cox, his law partner, James “Foggy” Nelson (Elden Henson) and True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll as secretary and love interest Karen Page. On the other side of the law, is Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime in New York City. Rosario Dawson rounds out the cast as a Hell’s Kitchen nurse.

I’m hopeful that Daredevil will finally get the proper live-action treatment. One that can match the excitement and intensity of the great Daredevil runs by Miller, Bendis and Brubaker. When handled by these three writers, Daredevil is easily my favorite Marvel character. 

Daredevil is the first of four planned Marvel shows being produced for Netflix’s streaming service. Also in the pipeline are AKA Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter as a retired superhero turned detective featuring recently cast Mike colter as Luke Cage. The plan is to eventually tie all of the Netflix shows together for a Defenders miniseries.


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