What Characters Will Guillermo del Toro be Using in ‘Justice League Dark’?

by: Marcus Rivera

It’s been awhile since Guillermo del Toro finished his script for the big screen adaptation of the Dark Universe’s Justice League Dark. Heading into some weekend readings with Warner Bros & pending a positive reaction, the movie would be getting the greenlight to begin production. Now we have word on which mystical DC characters might be making up the team.

Constantine and Dead Man have been mentioned by Del Toro several times in the past & were all but guaranteed to be on the roster, while fan-favourite Zatanna was also expected. Jason Blood (aka Etrigan the Demon) is probably the closest thing to a surprise on this list, but perhaps most shocking are the characters that are absent.

There were high hopes that the likes of Swamp Thing & The Spectre would make the cut, and at the very least I think some fans expected more than the 4 characters that were named. Of course that’s just the starting lineup, and more may join the ranks as the story progresses. For now this is just a rumor until it becomes official, but if this was to be your Justice League Dark, what would you think?

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