Will the First Star Wars Spinoff Film Have Both Han Solo AND Boba Fett?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Looks like the upcoming Gareth Edwards directed Star Wars universe set film is gearing up to start production in the near future. Our good friends over at Making Star Wars have recently had some sources let loose with some info that may tell us the direction the non-trilogy film is headed in.

It was said that many believe on site work will be primarily in Mexico and that bounty hunters will be important to the film as well. Ater pooling from a couple different sources, these are probably the two biggest talking points. We reported previously that this new movie could involve bounty hunters stealing plans for the Death Star. Latino Review has sources claiming that both Han Solo AND Boba Fett would make appearances in this film. This could lead to the film being a prequel in which we see a younger Han and the Fett cross paths, possibly while working for the Hutts. And Jabba’s base of operations on Geonosis could be portrayed by the Mexican landscape.

Another point was that set pieces from The Force Awakens are going to be repainted in a cost cutting measure. Again, the guys at Latino Review take this to mean that the newer stuff may get a paint job to resemble the more “old school” look from the time frame of the original trilogy.

It takes a lot on faith but that would be pretty cool. Especially to see a fan favorite charcter like Boba Fett back in the mix, even if it is only a prequel and we know what his fate will eventually be.

There’s still so much that could happen between now and when we get official word as to what the film will be, but specualting and being a geek about this stuff is half the fun, right?

Edwards Star Wars spinoff film is set to release on December 16, 2016.

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