Superbowl Ad: ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2’


by: Jay Carlson

It’s no secret who I’ll be rooting for this Sunday in the Superbowl. Indie Revolver is located in the great state of Massachusetts, so I was obviously raised a Pats fan. Yeah, yeah, spygate (everybody was doing it, get over it) and yeah, yeah deflated footballs (Brady could have been throwing cinderblocks and still trounced the Colts). The bottom line is that they hate us cause the ain’t us.

As a Pats fan this Hot Tub Time Machine ad hits all the sweet spots. Rob Corddry as a Patriot? Check. Ball inflation humor? Yup, it’s got that as well. A hysterical cast? You better believe it.

Take a look for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. I’m genuinely looking forward to Hot Tub Time Machine 2 hitting theaters on February 20th. It looks like it might live up to the original, which was hilarious.

… And the Patriots are going to win by 10 on Sunday.

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