Stargate Reboot Finds its Writers

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Its been twenty or so years since the original Stargate film. The film that launched a slew of mediocre TV shows is now up for a reboot. And creators Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin have found their writers.

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that Nicholas Wright and James A. Woods are close to finalizing a deal to pen the sci-fi franchise reboot. The duo seem to be a favorite of Emmerich as of late. Emmerich’s next big project, an Independence Day sequel, was greenlit off of their script draft.

The new film is the first in a planned trilogy (because that’s just the way things work nowadays. Everything has to be a trilogy apparently.). The original film was slated to be the first film in a trilogy as well, but things fell through with the studio choosing to go with a series of TV shows to help expand the universe.

Stargate, which starred James Spader and Kurt Russell, told the story of a portal that opened a wormhole into a far away galaxy. On this planet, scientists and miltary personnel find a world influenced by ancient Egyptian culture and ruled by an androgynous alien who fashioned itself after the Egyptian sun god, Ra.

I’m a little on the fence about this. I never really “got” the original filma and was not a huge fan of the myriad of shows that followed. I’ll keep an open mind until we see the ID sequel and see what this writing duo can do with a big action tentpole film.

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