Is a ‘Legend of Zelda’ Live Action Series Coming to Netflix?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

I loved the Nintendo cartoons of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The Super Mario Bros Super Show was a staple of my afternoons. And Captain N: The Game Master ruled my Saturday mornings. But none were more beloved than Legend of Zelda. Sure it was only thirteen episodes, but it was awesome.

And it may be coming back.

The Wall Street Journal has an unidentified source that says that Netflix is ambitiously trying to get a live action Zelda show on its roster of original programming.

There is nothing set in stone yet, but apparently writers are being sought for the project, which is being described as “Game of Thrones,but for a family audience.”

The Legend of Zelda series told the tale of Link, a Hylian (elf-like) denizen of the world of Hyrule, as he tries to defend the realm and Princess Zelda against the forces of the evil wizard Ganon.

Nintendo is very protective of their intellectual properties, especially after the dud that was the 1993 live action Super Mario Bros film. There’s extremely good chance that this never gets past the “wishful thinking” stage. But fans can still cling to hope (until that gets officially dashed against the rocks).

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