Who Might be in the Running to Play Young Han Solo in an Upcoming Star Wars Spin-off Film?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Disney’s plan is to release a new Star Wars film every year beginning this year with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 2016 will see the first standalone film from the SW Universe, directed by Gareth Evans and will star Oscar Nominee Felicity Jones. (we’ll have more on this one coming soonJ) Rian Johnson will then bring us Episode VIII, the next installment of the core series in 2017 followed by Josh Trank’s second standalone film in 2018.

The Sun newspaper from the UK is reporting that the Trank directed, second standalone film will revolve around a young Han Solo and his falling out with Jabba the Hutt early in his bounty hunting career. It’s also rumored that Kingsman: The Secret Service star Taron Egerton is up for the starring role.


After seeing Taron Egerton in Kingsman I can assuredly say that he would be an excellent pick. Even if this is only a rumor, Egerton showed a lot of promise as an action star and Disney would be lucky if they could lock this kid down.

Writer of the KIngsman comic Mark Millar sent out a tweet that said “Taron shot first. #justsayin

Star Wars enthusiasts the world over automatically “get” that Millar is referencing the shootout between Han Solo and Greedo. Whether this is just Millar responding to the rumor or he has some kind of inside track, it’s not certain (Although it’s probably the former and not the latter).

The Sun is far from a reliable source for news like this, but Taron Egerton as Han Solo is just too fun not to imagine. With this rumor and Chris Pratt as a possible Indiana Jones it seems like almost any classic Harrison Ford role is up for grabs these days.

If they do make a Han Solo origin film, do you think Egerton is the right choice? Sound off on the comments section!

One thought on “Who Might be in the Running to Play Young Han Solo in an Upcoming Star Wars Spin-off Film?

  1. The “Star Wars” franchise is branching out to tell the story of young Han Solo, and the Internet has already cast the perfect person to play young Harrison Ford. Meet Anthony Ingruber, the actor who doubled as the younger version of Ford’s character in “Age of Adaline” and who has one of the best Han Solo impressions you’ve ever seen.

    In 2008, Ingruber uploaded his take on Han Solo’s introductory scene in “Star Wars: A New Hope” to YouTube. Since, it’s been viewed over 420,000 times, and earned him plenty of supporters in light of the Han Solo movie announcement. This dude would definitely be my pick to play a younger version of Han Solo!

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