A Superpowered Luke Cage Will be Featured in ‘AKA Jessica Jones’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

In a recent interview with The List, Mike Colter (Luke Cage on the upcoming Marvel Netflix series A.K.A. Jessica Jones) confirmed some things regarding his upcoming Marvel job while promoting his newest upcoming home video release Halo: Nightfall.

He says that “Luke Cage is a very interesting character who happens to have super strength and unbreakable skin.”

While it’s not a revelation that the street-level Marvel heroes on Netflix will have some powers, it’s a nice confirmation that Cage will keep his power set intact. I was worried that they may just make him a regular guy who handles things in his own way.

While I know that I’ll never see my favorite incarnation of the character grace any screen any time soon (that distinction belongs to the out-of-continuity Marvel MAX version by Brian Azzarello and Richard Corben in the five issue mini-series Cage), it’s good to know that I’ll at least still get a version of Power Man that I’m familiar with, even if it is just his superpowers.

As long as they stay away from the yellow shirt and chain belt, we’ll have no problems.


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