The Front-Runner to Direct ‘Star Wars Episode IX’ is…

by: Jay Carlson

Last year, Rian Johnson officially received the highly coveted gig of helming Star Wars: Episode VIII, picking up where J.J. Abrams leaves off with Episode VII. At the time there was some confusion, with some reporting the job was actually to direct the last TWO installments of the Sequel Trilogy.

Word broke last week at the annual Disney shareholders conference that Johnson was onboard for Episode VIII but there was no mention of his being involved for Episode IX.

Our friend, Kellvin over at Latino Review is now reporting today that he hearing from multiple sources that J.J. Abrams may be poised to come back and direct the concluding chapter of the Sequel Trilogy.

Everything that I’ve seen thus far from The Force Awakens has been excellent and I have complete faith that Abrams will bring honor to the franchise once again. So, if true, this is great news. With Abrams and Johnson crafting this trilogy I am so excited to see it all unfold.

What do you think? Was there someone besides Johnson and Abrams that you’d prefer to see directing the last chapter of the Sequel Trilogy?

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