AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Adds an Arseface and a Tulip!

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

While rumors swirl around Dominic Cooper being perfect for the lead role of Jesse Custer in AMC’s upcoming comic book adaptation Preacher, a pair of cast members have been officially revealed by Deadline.

First up is Ruth Negga, formerly of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Negga will play Tulip, the trigger-happy and free-wheeling girlfriend of Custer. This casting goes against the established character as Tulip in the comics is Caucasian, while Negga is black (Ethiopian and Irish to be exact).

I like Negga’s work on Marvel’s show. As long as she turns out to be a total badass on Preacher, she’s got my vote.

Also cast is Rake’s Ian Colletti as fan favorite Arseface.

Arseface is a young man who tried to emulate his hero, Kurt Cobain, and commit suicide via shotgun to the face. The only problem was he messed up and is now left with a puckered face that looks like someone’s sphincter. The mere sight of him causes many characters to become physically ill.

Word is that Arseface will show up already disfigured and the reason why (as well as the show-and-tell of it) will be teased throughout the show for a while.

Not too shabby, but I’m really looking forward to see who they cast as the villains Herr Starr and The Saint of Killer. The Saint needs to be a total ass-kicker and Starr needs to be someone who definitely doesn’t mind being humiliated in the long run (Starr was repeatedly one-upped by Custer and his friends, the worst insult being a knife wound on top of his bald head to make him resemble a certain male appendage).

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