Which Harley Quinn Will Margot Robbie be Playing in David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad’?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

So we know that Margot Robbie will play fan favorite Harley Quinn in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. But fans are curious just which Harley Quinn are we getting – Batman: The Animated Series? The New 52 version? Or will she be a totally new invention for the silver screen?

Latino Review dropped some knowledge on us and let us know that we’ll get a few different versions of the former Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Apparently when she starts she’ll be in classic TAS duds, rocking the harlequin look. Then when she’s in prison she’ll have on her inmate gear. And when they infiltrate a club she’s wearing a dress (no word on if she’ll have the make-up on for that one).

I can’t see her not donning the New 52 outfit. Even if it’s not confirmed, Robbie has the physique to pull off the boy shorts and roller skates and make it look sexy and dangerous.

As an added bonus to animated Harley fans, the hyenas her and The Joker keep as pets will make a cameo as well. The deranged Quinn and her pets are going to be “a big motif.”

As a huge fan of Harley Quinn, I like where this is going. Paying tribute to the many incarnations was a good way to go. Hopefully with all this news flying at us, fans don’t get burnt out before the film hits in about a year and a half!

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