‘G.I. Joe 3’ Hires a New Writer

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

DJ Caruso is already set to direct. They had a script in the works from writer Jonathan Lemkin. But now it seems like Paramount may want to head in a different direction. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has brought Section 6 scribe Aaron Berg to start writing for the third G.I. Joe film.

Berg made waves in 2013 when his MI6 origin script Section 6 caused a Hollywood bidding war. The film is currently set to be directed by Joe Cornish. Other than that, Berg has been pretty low-key lately.

Berg brings a cloak-and-dagger sensibility with him. Could the tertiary installment of the G.I.Joe franchise move away from the big action for the moment and go super-spy? Right now the James Bond movies are doing gangbusters at the box office (not to say G.I. Joe hasn’t been blowing it up, with each film earning upwards of $300M worldwide) and The Americans on FX, a show about the 1980s Cold War with Russian spies integrating into suburban America, is one of the most critically acclaimed program on TV at this moment. Is Paramount leaning towards a new direction for the Real American Heroes?

And with Paramount looking to create a cinematic universe for Transformers, could the same plan be in place for G.I. Joe? Could this new direction be the start of something much larger? I’m not tired of the big-action direction G.I. Joe has taken, but it couldn’t hurt to have something different in your back pocket, just in case. With two sets of films, the studio cold have their cake and eat it too, with big budget action films one year and sleek spy thrillers the next.

Whatever the case may be, I’m a fan of this franchise so I’ll be keeping my eyes open extra wide for any forthcoming news.

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