Is Marvel Looking to Bring the Cinematic Universe to the Animated Realm?

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a dominating juggernaut (pun intended) of entertainment. It’s taken over mutliplexes worldwide whenever a new film gets released and adorns the shelves of movie collectors all over. But now it looks like they may be trying to dominate another facet of entertainment – animated film.

Newsarama recently nabbed a quote from Cort Lane, VP of Animation Development and Production at Marvel Televsion. While he wouldn’t outright confirm it during a panel at Emerald City Comic-Con, Lane did have an interesting response when a fan asked if an animated MCU project is in the near future.

Lane’s response: “I can’t announce anything, but things are in the works.” Lane also pointed to the Netflix series, like Daredevil, as “proof-of-concept” for non-theatrical projects that tie into the MCU.

Marvel already has an animated universe. Two, in fact. There’s the one that airs on the Disney networks and includes such shows as Avengers Assemble, Hulk and the Agents of SMASH and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. Then we have the direct-to-video films like Iron Man: Technivore which, to be blunt, are terrible. Both universe aren’t connected to the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, though.

Could this be a new branch of story continuity that tells the stories between the movies? The MCU is already huge, with a plethora of films and a couple of TV shows. Adding an animated wing to follow may stretch the universe a little thin.

Plus, I’m not too keen on their current batch of animated projects. While Marvel can make terrific live-action films, their animation attempts are sub par (almost like the reverse of DC, whose live-action films are so-so while the DC Animated branch is kicking all kinds of ass on Blu-Ray and DVD). It’s going to take one hell of a debut project to impress me and get me to change my way of thinking on this one.

While this is still just a rumor, it’s an interesting one for sure. We’ll be keeping our eyes open for more news as it possibly develops.

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