Kevin Smith Postpones ‘Clerks 3’ to Bring us ‘Mallrats 2’ First!

mallrats poster

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry for the rightest of reasons.

Kevin Smith originally had a road map to what he was filming: He wanted to do Clerks 3, his hockey project Hit Somebody, the Canadian thriller Moose Jaws and THEN work on Mallrats 2 sometime in 2016. But it looks like an opportunity came along that Smith couldn’t say “No” to, and now Mallrats 2 has become the priority.

Smith recently made the announcement on his Hollywood Babble-On podcast. The following transcript contains a HUGE spoiler, but it’s essential to why Kev moved up Mallrats 2 and pushed back Clerks 3.

We’ve been putting together Mallrats 2….It’s been a real, like Blues Brothers ‘We’re putting the band back together, on a mission from Smod.’ So this week, we had a lot of activity behind the scenes as well and it looks like we might — it’s Mallrats and so we require a big old empty mall, and it would be nice if we could do things to the mall. So if you had a mall and the mall was eventually going away, that would let you like blow the f—ing mall up, which happens in the third act.

So we found a place that we can go to and in order to get to that mall before it goes away, we were talking about initially shooting Clerks 3 this summer and then we were going to get to Mallrats in the beginning of 2016. And then it jumped into 2015, where we were going to shoot Clerks and then hopefully Mallrats before the end of the year. But now, based on a f—ing mall that we all dig that will be going away, the priority has become Mallrats. So the next f—ing movie I’m making is Mallrats 2. No word on Batfleck yet…but it would be fun to see if we could get him.

And along with this news comes the update that Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson and Scott Mosier will also appear.

That’s pretty sweet. With Mallrats 2 making a bunch of waves with casting lately, it may be smarter to strike while this iron is hot. No one but hardcore fans even knew Clerks 3 was in the works, but this is on everyone’s lips now.

The only question to ask now is…Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?

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