Details About ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ From This Weekend’s Star Wars Celebration!

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

So Star Wars Celebration 2015 is in the books. It started with a bang and ended with one as well.

Today’s main panel had Godzilla director Gareth Edwards talking about his upcoming standalone – excuse me, Anthology Film, Star Wars: Rogue One.

Edwards was quoted as saying during the panel that he “couldn’t sit in the cinema knowing someone else made this film.”

The main focus on this film is that it’s a war. Set between Episode III and Episode IV, it has been confirmed that the plot revolves around plans for rebels to steal the designs for the Death Star. It was said that this film will be more about the grays of combat, with good guys doing bad things and bad guys doing good things – pretty much just people trying to survive in the hell that is war.

The absence of the Jedi Order will be felt, but we’ll get a more defined sense of the black and white / good vs. evil world that was A New Hope.

The heist aspect was downplayed and the war movie aspect was really stressed, meaning we can expect something more along the lines of Zero Dark Thirty and Saving Private Ryan than Ocean’s 11, like was originally thought.

Edwards can create a world where characters matter – his first film Monsters showed us that. If he decides to go the route of “regular soldiers fighting the good fight” instead of “Jedi’s taking in a hundred soldiers at once” we should get a very interesting piece of work.

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